Well, at least one of us is fired from a job.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Redeemed? I wish...

Hey, then.

Alright so that last major event. Ok past, but now I have become an 18. Yeah incredibly embarrassing. My birthday was June 20th, a little bit.

So. New would be...not sure. We actually would like to do another show, and I may just need to look into doing shows for a little bit of a living. Sorry. But just for the sake of doing what I want more.

Here's what I want to see more of, though: I want to actually do films. short films, music videos and all that horrifying junk that makes me wish I was original. I really have no ideas right now, and I don't even know it. And before I find out, I kind of would like to at least help other folks out who are at least a little bit interested in what I do.

It feels like I'm avoiding a couple of folks, but I'm not too sure what I have to work with. People I have in mind to work with soon... well I want to get some of those skater kids to do some acting for me. Hah. I mean, they have camera appeal and they've got open enough minds. Only problem is that I might just be making Wassup Rockers all over again.

It's fine. People have already done everything, we all know but maybe I'll make a difference !!!!!!!!!! :D


Pretty much without a camera. Probably the biggest problem. In fact, as soon as I publish this carp, I am going to turn to my sister and ask her where that warranty for my digital camera is. Like I said earlier today, "Life is death without a camera." Obviously not really, but might as well say it if there are popular kids that go around joking about blow-brains... mercy.

Gah and I forgot something good I said lat night before I fell asleep. YES!

ok, have fun though.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Hello, men.
It's a Tuesday.. Kinda miserable so all that's left is some reflection. Rich people type.

BUT. Last Saturday: June 6th, We finally performed the Cool Winners live show.
You know, our comedy team. The whole show's up on the youth tubes, but hey it went well.

Who knows how it actually all started though.. Like, months ago.. Justin and I at Swayze's. Oh yeah it was that uncomfortable night. Whoa now that I look back at it. Incredible, haha. All the stuff that happened the night the live show was conceived...

I was just... hanging out at Nico's house or something.. Nothing was actually happening..yet, but I was there for a while and I ended up leaving because he and his friends were going to some other show in Atlanta.

As I was leaving the street he lives on, I ran into this group of people with make up. They turned out to be associated with some college improv comedy group or something. I'm sure their comedy is probably not so well but that actually kind of peaked interest i guess.

Eh going nowhere. I went home for a bit that night.. My sister was home and I told her about that and about the Ska night at Swayze's that was going on. Eh. We went by where they were doing the comedy and just picked up some info but ugh. Then we just went to the ska show, though.

Eh Ska, I know...but Justin was there for the benefit of Chase Bailey and the Disreguardables no doubt. It was pretty confusing for me in general, just there with those school folks agh. Hey but at some point, I was feeling a little bold and I just kind of thought. I saw the owner of the place kind of walking around, and I just mentioned to Justin the thought of asking if we could do a comedy show there.

Then I guess we did, and I mean. Went well in the endLook, I guess I can top this off When I feel a little bit more involved,

So, in closing: lol lol dud wtf


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