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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Incredibly Late, but Excuses. (now even later)

And a week or so ago, I was in Chicago.

Road trip, of course. With my dad and little sister. Situations around finally being able to but still, after a while, we were able to go.

I guess our reasoning for going was to visit my Grandma..er.. Abuela because she recently had her gallbladder removed. She had been in some pain, and we just took this as an opportunity to help her out while visiting with the rest of the family.

We first got in town at around 10pm, but who knows with the whole time zone thing... we didn't even give the clock much consideration throughout the entire trip. Waiting on us, at my uncle Louis's place, was a meal from Coleman's Barbecue. Does everybody feel the same way about food from their hometown, or is it generally valid for me to actually really like this restaurant? Hah, visiting Chicago., and eating food. I mean, it really feels like there are no consequences to having eaten these things. Gained pounds during the trip eh I'm fine.

Oh and, as an aside, the first thing I remember seeing when we got into the big city was a huge iTouch or iPhone advertisement on the side of a building. On that building were some rickety stairs, like the usual cliche city fire escape ones, and in that moment I just imagine an entire sequence of someone shooting an incredibly gaudy music video on the stairs, and then being interrupted of course by the stairs crashing down. And to myself, I just started laughing in amusement at the fact that I thought of that whole visualization so swiftly. Eh impressed.

But no, we just slept that night because the trip was just tiring.

The next day, we were going to my grandmother's house for breakfast, and to see my uncle Jerry and others. During the day, my dad stayed with his mom while I rode around with uncle Jerry.

He was set on taking me to buy some clothes I suppose. Which was kind of a.. situation because I'm right in the midst of a mindset of straying away from having to buy modern fashions. So, I wasn't picking out anything, and passively picky. I mean. We were at a flea market type place, filled with vendors selling incredible amounts of bootleg Michael Jackson apparel and music. Disturbed, we left and I just had him buy me some pants at Burlington Coat Factory.

Still, with my uncle, he told me that Lollapalooza was actually in town. Now, my uncle, is somehow connected with the whole 'pimp' culture -remember culture, not lifestyle- so he was especially in the know about Snoop Dogg performing that night. Agh, in depth... he is friends with Bishop Don Juan, and he has met Snoop Dogg and Katt Williams several times- that's the type of thing I'm trying to explain here. Not great friends, but still around..I guess. I don't know. But the point is that, he was trying to get in touch with Don Juan to see if we could get in to see the show. He actually had me text him on his phone, while he drove. However, after all that, nothing happened.

One thing that did happen was meeting "Debbie the glass lady". She is the official person that makes all of the 'pimp cups' and other jeweled items that are seen in various places. He was going to visit her for something, and he had to use the bathroom when he got there so she invited me in to look at her wall of celebrities with her glasses and other accessories. "You don't get on this wall unless you have a cup." The one thing that stood out to me was the fact that she had a lot of dvd's in her entertainment center. There was loads!

[and i dont think i was finished with this though]


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