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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


But then i remembered, I'm no twee.

Yeah I just read a blog post by that ol' pretentious friend of mine. That's not the word anymore, though. Like I said, his word is histrionic. He's that one in the group. But what I agree with is something about the familiarity of this.. this thing that I'm doing right now. I remember last year, when i was in fact a twee, still being awake at this time in the morning being able to type out some teeth-grinding garbage. Either way, this is irredeemable. That either means that it's so personal that I can't stand to return to it, or that this is actually just despicable to do. Doing this only reminds me that I have a vocabulary, but I mean. I've been seeing things like rubik's cubes lately. Eh ever since the big shift in brain chemistry (flowery flowery flower lwla) that I claim not to have done, the problem is just the fact that myself in the future will find some reason to pick on myself in the past. For good or bad reasons. And that's just it. This is here for me, basically, and I'm basically my audience. It's easy. For some reason, this is what I'd like to read if I had to read someone's bogus-ass journal. I get what this guy's referring to, all the time. <-

Ain't nothin' gon' be the end-all be-arnold. This is good. This will be a lot of fun.

Yeah and if I want, then I can remember stuff. That's what I used to like about this. But me doing this, is a waste of time at this specific moment because my back hurts and there's money issues afoot.... I can't be completely aggravated with myself if I'm honest, I guess, and besides, I'm not trying to entertain the mascot of 2010 anymore. See, I get what this guy's saying. I'm a rapper!

Yeah I

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


And I also go back and forth about whether or not I'm ok with having this type of "blog". So, thats a part of it.

And I was dumb in 2010 but eh


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