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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just to find out what day it is.

Hey. Anybody know where I can find the bathroom? I don't need to use it.

Ok, I guess all I can remember is that there is no set place for the next show. I guess it won't be a problem, either way. I just feel like I'm in a hurry to impress some folks before the others get to them. Yeah, I've made a full circle back in to Trying-To-Impress mode. I'm an old soul, though, I guess I know better. So, I mean. I should know by now, that when you're making sure to impress folks, it's right about the time where you become vulnerable and regain that ability to get offended.

Speech impediment.

So, stop, right? If you don't start it, then you won't open it. Rules made for breaking, promises opening, the dog in the water. Greed, mostly.

Anyway, I guess the show is the main thing. I could take a crack at the other things.

School, zans, fitness, shoulder, and crayon are still around but nah.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Frankly Spangled

Picture the irony of successfully talking about your weekend. There's a chance of using enough description but even more of a chance of no one wanting to know these things.

Recently my weekends have consisted of getting into the inner city somehow, for the sake of making it to the Philosophy Club meeting. Automobile situation-living situation- not important. Still, I had my own little plans. Actually on the way there, my mom and I saw Grant but he was already out of there. I reluctantly head into the school with an embarrassing enough duffel bag or what it was. Me. Going into school. Still not a big deal. Just ethix. Literally a meeting of what I personally would expect to hear from a group called philosophy. Ultimately ending in this, for lack of better words, unusual group of people. Waller, Will, Fide, and I waited outside Nick's house for both him and Alex.

Around this time, I start to get into panic mode because I realize that there is some ill-conceived plan to just go to the movies that night. I actually tried to project my weekend around actually going to the movies, so this wasn't really going to have a good outcome. I tried to voice my opinion the entire night on what would be an actually decent turn of events. Yet- as I had imagined each scenario of how this night would go, the night before, it could only end in any type of end-result crafted just to spite my imagination. I met a new puppy, actually. So of course, given the company that were now present: Nick, Alex, Fide, and Myself, what the hell might as well go to Waffle House of all places. Waller would later join us. I treated myself to something probably fattening, no doubt, and just flat out poor. Well, hey let's not write into Jones, here.

Point is- I accidentally ended up in this situation where the movie theater was right in front of me, and I was stricken with the feeling of having missed the bus on an essential day of school. Basically, I actually did miss the bus on all the important days of my life. No, not really, but somewhere along the lines I ended up where I am now. Is this sense of humor? Or court. Ok. I spent the duration of the movie, alienated, trying to get myself angry and eventually some empathy. Oh yeah, it was cold and rainy too but hey Happy Halloween. I had a little monologue, and walked far away with some headphones in. Oh yeah I need to find those. I walked into who-knows-where and passed what I know now is an airport. Incredibly foggy, on the side of the road, so I had my share of pictures. Hey, what's up.

Not really a point, though. Idk don't exist. Hey. Whats. Nah it was pretty bitter of a night, and I can't decide if my tone toward it should be at all upset or if I should just move on to eh. I remember going to bed though, this bed that was actually pretty amazing. Like a hotel room, kinda. I took of my soggy socks and shoes and just sulked. Hey whats up.

Hallowen. Oops. Halloween. Ok, fast forward through trick-or-treating bilbo and cornish jazz. I don't know where I got a costume from but of course I had my excuses. Eventually having gone to the big party everyone was waiting for. Walked in, stomped around, made sure to be loud, fat kid on couch "tell your friends to leave" bull shed but hey whats. First point to leave some species in the dirty upstairs toilet. Grant threw candy off the balcony, into the living room.

Environment was horrible in the first place. Stereotypical rich college rock and roll men beers and stupid crap all over the place. Bound to have a freak out tonight? Yeah. So went down stairs and played some wholesome Foosball and won accidentally. In awe of the horrifying posters on the wall, which included "College Girls" which was a picture of a girl with a shirt that blatantly said "Figh." Then a stupid college type humor type bs type rules for beer type corn cod piece bs. Some middle aged man walking around with a mohawk and sequins. Stupid couch thing with a wall around it. Fat in white t-shirt. Stereotypical angry drunk man. Then the people we expected, just here as background characters, for some reason. Oh yeah and then the Cool Winners were set to perform. But few people knew.

Made a group trip just to get an iPod from the cray, went back in and spent time avoiding the situation. Got behind the microphone a couple of times until everybody was just pushing the 'hey hurry up guys, bleed bleed bleed' So we invited Will Hammond on stage so we could attempt something we'd been wanting to do for a while, but nah it was horrible.

Our act is based upon failure in the first place, so somehow we did great, but as it went down.. We were set up in front of the completely wrong audience. Fat and drunk aesop, huber, old mohan with sequins, and fat gothic girl. All of them trying to make jokes. Completely so far into it, that I didn't hear anything they were saying and my audience- oh yeah my audience ended up just being my friends, to the right. Yeah because Grant pretty much left the stage once I tried to get him to sing. So, I was all by myself, next to Will Hammond sitting safely to my right.

I declare that
nobody else would have done what I did.
I stayed up there and fought, basically. Made sure I brought them down. Called the fats fat, told them their lives are not good, offered to let the 'tough' guys stab me, called out the whores in the house, and just pissed on the band that people were there to see. Left before they started to play. Which was about the time the freakout was in order. We were planning on leaving so we had to go back in for one last move. We all ran in, and tried to do our own brand of damage. The place was a hell hold in the first place so the worst damage we could do was do damage by doing barely any damage. Hey wht. Ran outside in underwear, I rolled around in someone's lawn, blood dripping but it wasnt real. Nick ran around inn the nude hey whats up

[I continued to write, the next day] But yeah after the freakout, which included the whole nude/underwear thing, we safely decided to just go on ahead to the Marietta Diner. I really felt welcome there. We were to meet Matt, his mom, Zach, and Hannah. They were there celebrating Zach's birthday. Yeah I mean, living like kings kind of. I felt at the top of my game, some zombies and bloody men sat at the table next to us. One thing that made the night beautiful was when the waiters and waitresses came to sing Zach "Happy Birthday" and he ran off, into the bathroom. Couldn't let him miss out, so I walked into the bathroom to see him standing there, with a gigantic shirt, pretending to pee. We got him out of there and he got his prize. Waitress. It was great.

Of course, I ended the night only thinking about the negatives, just like the night before but still, it was a night that I want to make sure to refer to as much as possible. That won't be a lot but it was a night that clearly means something to some weird men.

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