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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Differing Delusions of the Current

Only problems warrant a text entry.
If I can quit yarning on, then my only problem is money.

Other than that, I've seen celebrities in the past month or so. I've seen them, and that's simple enough. Though, there's no use in seeing them. The only thing I realized is that it's awfully dumb to be held back from speaking to them. Just, no matter how cool you're being, sometimes you can't convince yourself to speak to someone who doesn't know you as well as you know of them. I only wanna be friends, bruh. And so does this large crowd behind me.
But like in any unestablished relationship, the first sentence has to be spoken (and registered) in order to resolve the uneasiness of the situation. Someone has to speak, but also, someone has to admit the honest truth about what's going on in the situation. Still, I'm convinced that all I need is a group of friends behind me or a tinge of misery in my surroundings and I can talk to anyone.
And that's October.

Now, I'm just worried. Money.
On the bright side, I won't be any more poor than I am right now. "O really, how do you figure?" Well, it's not one of those latent situations. There's debt involved, but there's also some hope on the horizon that's basically private. From now until the beginning of December is a black hole- the donut hole. But I don't know. I can't go too far this time without convincing myself to ignore tiny excitements.
Realistically, that's kind of what I said about August. And sure enough I'm imagining a schedule conflict.


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