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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Ok now I'm in water
I came back from Pennsylvania just so I could make it in time for that court date. It was dismissed within moments of me arriving. Nonsense, I don't trust it. This was a few seconds ago, a few months ago.

Now, I'm in another bed. Now, I have no more travel plans. I've already lived in 3 places since then. I don't remember. I don't remember I guess. And it's not what I don't remember that I don't remember, it's what to think is what I don't remember enough about how to think.

This is enough to relieve the tension of the past, what, 4 months almost?

It's been a saturated platter of oil risen to the top and baked meat in the center. Flattery.

After having plateaued in maturity and thought, within all reason, I can only apply concepts in a manner that proves that I've never made progress in both maturity and thought.

Well someone's pregnant now. That means something. It ought to be known.

As a result, I'm probably slightly less likely to go hungry again.

The fact that famous musicians collaborate just because they're equally famous as the other musician. Especially for charity. That damned bubbly feeling of seeing favorite famous folks near each other.

When have I been genuinely inspired? Dreamself, I still has his chance to meet his queen.

Well I went to the museum today. Oh boy, finally. Feeding the ducks, yesterday, made me realize that I once had free time. Freedom, in general... I always had the best grammar.

Should anyone see my efforts and attempt to see similar significance in things? Don't care, I have to remember.

How to go about getting back into saying what I mean... I've been uttering haunting phrases to people lately in order to make casual conversation. Broken phrases under the guise of normalcy. A train passes, I call it "realistic". A glass fits in a washing machine, I call it "science". I taste a milkshake, and it's almost dessert. Nothing, of course, is wrong with these things especially since I'm me but it's like they feel like cannonballs to and from the chest!

I am oatmeal.
Cacti were relevant in kindergarten.

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